Privacy Policy

At American Express Global Business Travel Nippon Travel Agency we aim to provide our customers with the best in travel management solutions at the highest levels of quality and reliability. As part of the service, it is our responsibility to protect the personal information that we use for the execution of our operations the same as we would protect information of our directors and employees, and as such we will implement the following measures:

  1. We will appoint a security manager to properly maintain the security of personal information relating to our customers.
  2. We will collect the personal information necessary for the performance of our duties in a legal and proper manner, only using such information for the purpose of providing the services agreed to by our customers, and also we take necessary measures to prevent use of personal information for purposes other than the purpose agreed by our customers.
  3. We will implement and maintain the appropriate measures to protect the personal information of our clients from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage and other risks.
  4. When consigning duties that involve the use of customer information to third party companies, we will provide instruction and supervision to ensure that the third party employs the same level of protective precautions employed by American Express Global Business Travel Nippon Travel Agency.
  5. We will comply with all legal ordinances and guidelines of government authorities concerning personal information and conduct regular audits of our procedures for handling such information in order to continue to improve upon them.
  6. If called upon by a customer to grant access, or make changes to personal information regarding that customer, upon verifying the identity of the customer, will we make all reasonable efforts to comply with the request as soon as possible.

Marco Pellizzer
President and CEO
American Express Global Business Travel Nippon Travel Agency
04 July 2015
Last modified: 1 April 2022

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