Meetings & Events

American Express Meetings & Events

American Express Meetings & Events is a comprehensive service to lead domestic and international events and large conferences to success thru its abundant expertise in planning and management. Not only will you be able to outsource all functions done by current staff, in addition, we will support the overall event management including implementation of cost reduction measures.

Obstacles to meeting management in Japan

  • Lack of specialist or team with experience in meeting management

  • Unfamiliar with compliance regulations

  • No strategies in place for cost reduction

Benefits of Meetings & Events services

  • No need to commit your own workforce

  • Meeting arrangements following compliance regulations

  • Established strategic cost reduction scheme

Our Meetings & Events team

  • Comprehensive service for overall event planning and management

    From planning to implementation, we provide all necessary support

  • Careful attention to compliance regulations

    By using creative proposals to revise internal policies for best management process along with centralized event organization, we help you strengthen your compliance program

  • Implement the latest technological and data analysis systems

    Innovative technology such as Cvent meeting management online system and event app

Effective outcome from Meetings & Events

  • Quality Management

    Our highly experienced coordinators effectively plan and manage all aspects to satisfy client needs

  • Cost Management

    Commitment of transparency to help maximize savings

  • Process Improvement

    By centralizing a single point of contact we can provide a clearly written process to fulfill requirements of both global and domestic needs, as well as standardized and rationalized event organization process

  • Data Management

    By using the technology of Lanyon Solution we continuously collect and analyze centralized data to optimize our program management