Meetings & Events

Services for Program Owners and Management

Support for Management Process Optimization & Compliance

With proper management for events and large scale conferences, you can achieve cost reduction, productivity increase and compliance at the same time. GBT NTA will provide solutions to suit your company.

Strategic support for management process

We provide support to event owners by helping the attendees

In addition to arranging trips following your company's policy, we will track and report approval reasons for out of policy exceptions. Moreover, we will guide attendees to make air and hotel arrangements in line with your company's travel policy.

Consolidation of procedures

By overseeing all aspects of the arrangements our streamlined process helps to increase productivity as well as achieve cost savings.

Overall strategic planning

We propose and implement strategic policies that adapt to local or global events of all types and sizes.

Optimized management

We propose customized programs while following your company's event policies.

Established policies and guidelines for compliance

We understand the complications of auditing which is becoming stricter than ever before. We create the event process in line with your compliance policy and can provide documents required for your auditing purpose.

Challenges and solutions for Meeting and Event compliance

  • Risk of violating compliance rules such as excessive level of entertainment

  • Unnecessary burden on sales team to arrange trips, allocate seat assignments, assign rooms and other travel arrangements

  • Lack of documents for audit

  • Clarification of operation policies

  • Reduced burden for sales team

  • Provide the necessary documents for audit