Business Travel Management (BTM)

Services and Tools for Travelers


Offline Reservations

Travelers can make bookings online or by phone. Our experienced bilingual travel counselors make reservations in compliance with your travel policies.

Online Reservations

Profile Management Tool “CONNECT”

We provide profile management tool “CONNECT”. Travelers create and update their profiles directly by accessing this tool. The centrally managed profile will be used for both international and domestic online reservations.

International Online Booking Tool “GetThere”

Travelers can use “GetThere” for direct booking of international arrangements such as air, hotels, and rental cars 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Domestic Online Booking Tool “Shuccho Navi”

Domestic Online Reservation Function "Shuccho Navi" provides access to Express Yoyaku (EX-IC Service), e5489 Corporate Service, Business Ekinet (coming soon), Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Star Flyer, Skymark, AIRDO, Jalan Corporate Service, Best Reserve Yado Plaza's corporate web services.
You can download the information you have reserved and arranged through Shuccho Navi in CSV format. The information includes ticket amount, date of use, origin and destination, name of the business traveler, and department to which the business traveler belongs, etc., so it is possible to grasp the results under various conditions, such as by department.
(Please contact us for conditions for using each content.)


Emergency Support

Our in-house dedicated team of experienced travel counselors will take care of any emergencies outside of business hours. With this emergency support team, we provide travel support service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Japanese and English.

VISA and Passport/VIP Service

We provide extra business travel related services such as arranging visas from Japan, application of passports (Japanese only) as well as special support for VIPs.

Trip Management Tool “TripCase”

With TripCase, you can confirm booking data and real-time itinerary updates in your mobile terminals. Check-in will be easy with e-ticket data in the app. You can share your trip with others.

Risk Management Tool “EXPERT CARE”

With the combination of travel data and GPS function, our travel disruption and risk management platform enables your risk management teams to proactively monitor travel plans, quickly identify and have two-way communication with travelers globally using the smart phone app.

Insurance for International Trips

It is not easy to arrange insurance individually for each trip. We recommend comprehensive corporate insurance to make it easy for you to manage and settle.