Business Travel

Services and Tools for Travel Managers


Policy Compliance

We support travel managers by making trip arrangements in line with company travel policies. When out-of-policy travel is requested, we provide guidance in accordance with designated operation rules, track comparative data and include this in the management reports.

Lowest Logical Fare (International Trips)

We do all possible to provide the lowest possible fare under the idea of “lowest logical fare” - the lowest fare within the corporate travel policy.

Special Fare (Airlines)

We provide highly competitive fares for both business and economy class travel based on the global discount agreements between Amex GBT and various airlines.

Special Rates (Hotels)

We provide negotiated rates from over 45,000 hotels world-wide through our PREFERRED EXTRAS HOTEL program.


Traveler Health and Safety Information

We provide various travel alerts to our clients quickly in case of any travel disruption such as natural disasters or other incidents. In such cases, we support our clients` risk management by proactively monitoring disruptions in real time while ensuring safety of travelers.

Risk Management Tool “ EXPERT CARE”

With the combination of travel data and GPS function, our travel disruption and risk management platform enables your risk management teams to proactively monitor travel plans, quickly identify and have two-way communication with travelers globally using the smart phone app.


Travel Data Reports

We provide trip reports that can be used for expense analysis and corporate contract negotiations with airlines and hotels.

Data Analysis Tool “INSIGHTS”

“INSIGHTS” is an analytics solution tool for travel managers to analyze global travel data to suit their needs.


Program (Policy) Re-evaluation

Based on the analysis of data that includes both quantitative and qualitative data, as well as the study of traveler patterns and trends, we propose policy revisions. Using our expertise, we also provide strategic support and advice such as a roadmap for step by step program implementation to help minimize the sense of change for travelers.

Support for Corporate Deal Negotiations with Suppliers

With Amex GBT's abundant benchmarking and clients travel data, we provide solutions and advice that can help our clients negotiate their corporate deals effectively to meet their objectives and traveler trends.