Our Expertise

We help you build and operate a customized travel program

American Express Global Business Travel | Nippon Travel Agency (GBT NTA) understands both global and local requirements for business travel. With our expertise and experience, we support, implement and operate customized travel programs based on features and requirements of each company.

Travel Program Support

Our services are not only about arranging trips. Our travel management cycle includes building and operating better travel programs through analysis of travel data and travel patterns.
  • Travel Arrangements

    In addition to arranging trips following your company’s travel policy, we also keep track of out of policy reason codes as well as guide your employees to better travel choices to be in line with your company’s procurement policies.

  • Data Consolidation and Integration

    Not only the air fare data is analyzed.
    Our data tools consolidate and integrate trip and spend data. You also have the full visibility into your saves and opportunity losses by obtaining and comparing data at the time of reservation.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

    When we work with our client companies to create a travel program tailored to each company, we start by understanding their travel patterns. With our abundant qualitative and quantitative data repository, we understand your travel patterns including traveler behavior tendencies.

  • Strategic Proposals

    To implement a new travel program, traveler`s cooperation is indispensable. Depending on the situation, we also provide a strategic roadmap such as an option to implement new policies on a step by step basis to minimize negative impact on travelers.


American Express Global Business Travel invests abundant funds on developing various tools that can help optimize business travel operation. To further increase convenience and efficiency for clients in Japan, GBT NTA also introduces NTA tools as well as developing its original systems and tools.

Global Network

Using our network partners located in over 140 countries, we provide support for Japanese companies wanting to lead the implementation of their global travel programs. Providing back up in case of business disruption or emergency, Amex GBT`s overseas offices enable service continuity. We’re always there to assist business travelers.